Successful thanks to the use of digital in modern dentistry

By Admin vào 03/12/2020

Recently, the conference on digital application in modern dentistry organized by Detec Dental Joint Stock Company attracted more than 100 guests with sharing from experts from Ivoclar Vivadent – a leading group. about dentistry.

Dentistry is increasingly concerned and focused

Dental is considered as an important medical sector in improving human health. When people’s lives are improving, the demand for oral health care and beauty is increasing, which will create great opportunities for units in this field.

Dr. Tran Ngoc Hai – Clinical Advisor of Ivoclar Vivadent Southeast Asia shares solutions in the digital age

At the seminar, Dr. Tran Ngoc Hai, who is currently Clinical Advisor Ivoclar Vivadent in Southeast Asia, also shared the importance of investing in digital applications for treatment and cosmetic dentistry. Mr. Hai analyzes the three basic phases of the digitization process, including: Collect and convert actual patient data into digital information in a virtual environment; from there Designing and manipulating appropriate products before entering the final stage is clinical treatment.

In the past, it could take a few days for a patient to get a new bridge and have to go to the clinic many times. But now, with the help of digital technology, this can be done in just 1 day.

The conference attracted more than 100 guests who are doctors, cosmetic dentists

Digital application – successful lessons from Detec

In advanced countries, in recent years, there is an explosion of dental implant manufacturing companies, a series of dental CAD / CAM companies were born and most of the major companies quickly entered the company. Digital orthodontic chute technology, allowing the creation of fine quality aesthetic teeth, outstanding aesthetics and very high accuracy.

Although Vietnam is a lagging market, it has very quickly approached new technologies, especially in the field of cosmetic teeth. Typically among them can be mentioned Detec, which has 22 years of experience and owns the top 3 modern and large-scale labor production in Vietnam.

Labor Detec is the first European standard organization in Asia invested and certified by Ivoclar Vivadent

Sharing at the Conference, Mr. Vu Van De, General Director of Detec said, with two contents of the application of digital technology in dental treatment and the application of digital in cosmetic prostheses: “I trust the knowledge shared at Today’s seminar will really bring practical value to help dental clinics grasp and apply the practice to professional work as well as increase the value chain, improving the reputation of the units to a new high level. “

Over the years, Detec has invested heavily in machinery, equipment and leading materials from Germany and the United States, while developing a solid technical foundation, the creation of hundreds of techniques. well-trained members. Products manufactured by Detec always meet international standards for quality management, meeting the most demanding markets in the world such as the US, Canada and Europe and most recently exported to Japan. In addition to providing high quality cosmetic dental products, Detec can also support and advise units on management model and increase productivity.

Through the seminar, Detec and Ivoclar Vivadent want to share more with dental units in Vietnam about digital application, thereby contributing to improving operational efficiency, bringing value and experience. best experience for customers.


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