Virtual reality applications and benefits in the field of dentistry

By Admin vào 20/11/2020

Born in 1962, but only in recent years, the support of modern software and hardware, Virtual reality (VR) has truly become a valuable industry and widely applied in many industries. And dentistry is no exception.

Accordingly, this promising dental technology is applied in medical examination and treatment establishments, dental laboratories and teaching facilities to optimize the effectiveness of the oral treatment process.

Ứng dụng và lợi ích của thực tế ảo trong lĩnh vực nha khoaVR offers many benefits in the dental field

1. Virtual reality and a massive advance into the field of dentistry

According to the World Health Organization – WHO, up to 60% of school-age children worldwide and almost 100% of adults have tooth decay. In which, about 20% of the adult population aged 35 – 44 years old suffer from serious oral diseases. Therefore, it is not too surprising that the dental industry is increasingly developing, leading to new innovations in dental laboratory technology.

A separate statistics on the global dental medical equipment show that the value of this market in 2016 reached 23.99 billion USD, up 4.0% compared to 2015 and is expected to reach 29, $ 09 billion by 2020.

Modern dental technologies bring more benefits to dentists, dental technicians and patients. In particular, virtual reality – virtual reality (VR) is one of the most expected techniques.

công nghệ labo nha khoa

VR được ứng dụng rộng rãi trong điều trị nha khoa

Virtual reality is a term used to describe an environment that is simulated by a computer through a multidimensional viewfinder, combined with other audio and tactile aids. VR is used in many different aspects of the dental industry: teaching, examination and lab production.

2. The applications of VR in dentistry
2.1. Dental treatment

Many studies on the effectiveness of VR dental technology in the world show that: virtual reality can reduce the intensity of both acute and chronic pain. Accordingly, the patient’s focus on the private world of VR will reduce the activities of the sensory nervous system, thereby helping the patient to be less anxious and painful than before and during treatment.

Specifically, according to the results of a pilot study at St George’s Hospital (UK), 100% of patients said that they did not feel too anxious before the treatment, even pain was reduced when dentistry The doctor performs the treatment thanks to the relaxing scenery that VR shows.

công nghệ nha khoaMore effective and less painful dental treatment thanks to VR technology

In addition, the application of virtual reality today can also help patients accurately shape the effect before conducting treatment. Therefore, VR is especially loved in the field of cosmetic dentistry such as dental implants, braces, …

2.2. Teaching dentistry

One of VR’s most popular uses is to train dentists by simulating school environments and visual assumptions that are closest to reality. According to Dr. Shafi Ahmed, who had their first VR surgeries, with a simple VR headset and a mobile or computer app, a teacher can train thousands of students anywhere. .

Even students can practice surgery using hand, eye coordination and the skills learned intuitively without having to practice directly on a fake model or living body.

Teaching using virtual reality technology is applied by many medical schools

Research in the Harvard Business Review also shows that surgeons trained with VR technology can increase work efficiency by 230% compared to traditional methods. Because thanks to VR, when working, they can observe visually, vividly and clearly the progresses that can arise and give the appropriate medical and surgical medical records.

2.3. IvoSmile – virtual reality application in dentistry

IvoSmile is an application to show treatment effects applied right on the customer’s face. Do not spend too much time or wait anxiously to see the results after the examination, you just need to consult with your doctor, then know the treatment effect on yourself with IvoSmile VR technology.

Not only is it beneficial for the patient, but with these results, the dentist can also easily explain the treatment method, the ultimate goal to be achieved as well as the minimum cost for the patient. .

IvoSmile is currently used very popularly in whitening cosmetic products. The support from this dental technology helps customers to know their ideal white level and avoid unnecessary disappointment arising after treatment.

IvoSmile helps dentists and patients have the most intuitive view of oral cosmetic effects

With great applications in dental care and production as well as dentist training, VR promises to bring new breakthroughs in the dental industry.

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