4 things you need to know before becoming a dental prosthesis technician

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When it comes to career positions in the dental field, we only know about dentists, nurses and the staff who work at the clinic. However, in fact, there is another important position that is a dental technician, also known as a dental prosthesis technician – who plays a decisive role in creating the aesthetics of dentures.

In order to help you better understand the role of the dental prosthesis technician as well as help you navigate your future career, the following article from Detec Dental Lab training center will take a more comprehensive look at this position.

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The dental prosthesis technician plays a decisive role in creating the aesthetics of the denture

1. What is dental prosthetic technician doing?

Restoration technicians are individuals trained to manufacture dental restorations such as bridges, porcelain crowns, and cosmetic dentures. Technicians do not work in dental clinics or dental hospitals, but at laboratories that manufacture dental equipment.

After the dentist determines that the therapist needs a dental prosthetic device, the dentist makes a request and sends it to the dental lab. With the detailed technical information sheet, the technician will progress to creating a perfectly customized dental device.

The dental prosthesis technician will use specialized equipment to produce finished products including electronic computers, automatic machines combined with manual aesthetic shaping operations. When the fabrication is completed, it is sent to the dentist for fitting to the therapist.

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Dental technicians work mainly in dental laboratories

Although it is rare to meet directly with the therapist, dental prosthetics must have a high responsibility in each profession. Anything they produce for the dentist has to fit and exactly fit the patient’s teeth, mouth and gums.

The specific jobs of dental restorations are usually:

Take orders for dental prostheses or restorations, like dentures, bridges, veneers, inlays and crowns.
Create individual patient mouth models from both physical and digital molds.
Works with various materials, including plaster, wax, porcelain and metals.

2. Qualifications required to become a dental prosthesis technician

Similar to other professions, when pursuing dental restorations, you are also required to have some specific qualities to suit the specific nature of the job. Specifically:

2.1. Attention to detail

Since different people who treat will have different structures of the jaw, teeth and gums, dental prosthetics must be someone who focuses on small details. A small groove can cause the crown to not fit properly, or when designing a bridge, not only need to pay attention to neighboring teeth but also the shape of the mouth.

To ensure the aesthetics of smiles, dental prostheses require a detailed understanding of the patient’s teeth and their defects. Becoming a dental technician means never being sloppy.

2.2. Artistic instinct

Creativity is an important quality for a position of a dental prosthesis technician. You don’t create an identical product. Each prosthetic tooth design is almost unique, because each patient’s teeth and jaws are different.

Every day, dental technicians have to build individual bridges and crowns and use a variety of materials. So you will feel like taking a sculpture class and not like any other medical job.


Nghề phục hình răng

Meticulousness in every detail is a prerequisite to becoming a dental prosthesis technician

2.3. Ability to perceive colors

Similar to artistic instinct and attention to detail, dental lab technicians must have eyes that sense color well. Especially when working on restorative dental projects, you must be able to craft products that match each patient’s current tooth color and tone. The range of colors in dental work is so wide that you need to be able to distinguish and reproduce the unique colors of each tooth.

2.4. Good coordination between hands and eyes

Dental prosthetics work with a wide variety of tools, software and materials, all of which require a lot of dexterity. This can be learned through practice, but you will have some advantages if you practice using your skillful hands regularly. Learning to play a musical instrument, participate in certain sports, or play video games can all help you get smarter.

3. Prospect of the profession of dental restorations

People are becoming more and more focused on appearance, so owning a beautiful smile soon becomes a prerequisite for a well-groomed look. Therefore, dental prostheses in Vietnam are a profession that has many opportunities to expand, high labor demand and worthy income.

In addition, since most dental technicians work in groups in laboratories and dental laboratories, with many years of experience, you can develop a career in management and processing roles. and directing groups of technicians.

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Dental technician have more and more open working opportunities

Another career option for a qualified dental technician is to move to a clinic where they actually interact and serve patients directly. Clinical dental prosthetic technicians require knowledge of laboratory techniques, as well as strong personal communication skills to interact with patients to ensure maximum satisfaction before and after installation. tooth.

4. What to learn to become a dental prosthesis technician?

To become a dental prosthesis technician, you need to be knowledgeable about biology, science and dentistry as well as practice skills and ingenuity.

Currently, there are a variety of vocational training institutions for dental prostheses, with diverse training levels from intermediate, college to formal university. Students can even go to reputable institutions that specialize in teaching prosthetic techniques to study while working, improve their skills and experience.

Học kỹ thuật phục hình răng

Learning the technique of formal prosthetics usually takes longer and the technician will not develop much practical skills throughout their course – but they will receive a stronger foundation in scientific principles. On the contrary, studying at centers specializing in teaching dental engineering and dental technology, you will minimize the time you need to study unnecessary subjects and focus entirely on expertise and practice.

For formal study programs, you can study dental prostheses majoring at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City or medical and pharmaceutical intermediate schools in the provinces. As for the training center program, you can choose reputable and well-known centers in the industry such as Detec Dental Lab.

5. Detec Dental Lab dental technician training school

Detec Dental School was established in 2009 with the goal of becoming a leading human resource training center in the field of dental restorations. As one of the pioneers in the training of high-quality human resources of the industry, at the same time is also a leader in the construction and implementation of training quality accreditation culture.

Detec Dental School is also honored to receive prestigious awards in the international education arena, most recently being the runner-up in the 2014 Asia Student Dental Ceramics Contest (2014) by Dentsply. International Inc organized in Hong Kong.

Học kỹ thuật phục hình răng

Detec Dental is one of the pioneers in training of international standard dental technician

At Detec, the training program is built by a team of experts and technicians with many years of experience in the dental industry. The dental prosthesis training program at Detec was also recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a product of science and intelligence according to 2357/2015 / QTG issued by the Copyright Office on June 24. / 2015.

The training programs at Detec always apply and update teaching methods according to new international standards. Students will be trained in technical skills, as well as practical working skills, to ensure the best job opportunities at leading domestic and international enterprises after graduation.

The training program at Detec will consist of two main parts:

General dental prostheses training program

Including groups of basic, specialized to advanced dental skills, dental prosthetic techniques, dental materials, dental technology and practicing ethics.

Intensive training program

Focus on professional practice of dental restorations including: disassembly, fixed restorations, frame restorations, metal rib technicians, orthodontics.

Since 2009, the Detec School of Dentistry Technology has successfully taught 13 courses with hundreds of technicians graduated, and now have stable jobs in dental prostheses manufacturing enterprises. reputable or dental clinics, dental faculties in hospitals, medical establishments nationwide.

Dental prosthetics are considered to have many prospects for development in the future, when people are more and more interested in smiles and looks. If you are meticulous, skillful and have an interest in the dental field, then this is the right career direction for you.


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