“The revolution to liberate porcelain fused metal teeth” – is the mission of Zirtec porcelain teeth

With the aim of bringing the community and the patient good quality products and products, gradually replacing the porcelain steel teeth with the disadvantages such as the color not being natural, the Zirtec porcelain teeth is the product. strategy of Detec Dental Lab brought to market to accomplish this goal.

răng sứ Zirtec

Zirtec porcelain teeth are manufactured using modern CAD CAM technology, with high quality Zirconia material source, meeting the needs of non-metal porcelain restorations for patients, especially good for the molar group which need strong chewing force. Zirtec porcelain teeth are very suitable for Full Contour restorations, with a hardness and flexural strength up to 1200 MpA, and still meet the aesthetic factor.

  • The fastest production time today – production within 24 hours with Full Contour tooth products
  • Attractive price – suitable for many customers
  • Made on modern technology
  • Crafted entirely of aesthetic porcelain from the inner frame to the outer shell
  • Colors are naturally beautiful, not exposed when direct light shines on
  • Does not cause blackening of the gum line, the shine is still guaranteed over time
  • Has a higher hardness and flexural strength than natural teeth

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