Comfident is a high-class aesthetic that captures all real teeth, helps to conceal the defects of real teeth to bring white, shiny, attractive and perfect teeth.

Jaws are fabricated by vacuum extrusion method based on the user’s real teeth mark. Technology and standards are entirely from Germany.

Fabricated materials are imported from the US. The material is completely compatible with human health, does not affect the real tooth structure.

PETG premium dental resin has a fibrous structure, combined with glass fibers to create a clear, shiny like real tooth enamel. The fibrous structure of the material makes the product tough, super light, and does not absorb color and odor.

Why should you use Comfident?

– Comfident is a safe, convenient and economical solution for a beautiful, confident, radiant smile.

– No pain, no drilling, no grinding or impact to the real tooth structure.

– No need to use adhesives but still fits snugly into the tooth surface.

– Does not take much time and cost.

– Easy to remove and install, dentist has less intervention.

– You can easily replace it with another prosthesis at any time if you want without worrying about consequences.

– Super light, flexible, and comfortable to wear.

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