Teeth grinding is excessive clenching or clenching of teeth, usually during sleep (unconsciousness). Because the force used in this movement is many times greater than the force generated when chewing, teeth grinding not only creates uncomfortable sounds for people around, but also causes tooth wear.

According to statistics, around 20% of people in the world have teeth grinding, but only half of them know they have this bad habit because teeth grinding often occurs when unconscious (when sleeping). . The major cause of teeth grinding is stress and stress. The rest is due to the molar structure, oral diseases and the effects of drugs (such as drugs for treating neurological diseases) or by using many stimulants (alcohol, beer, cigarettes, coffee …). Tooth grinding can be seen at any age.

Effects of teeth grinding:

Teeth will lose all enamel layer, expose the yellowish layer of ivory, feel numb, crack the teeth zone, or lose. If prolonged, this can damage dental restorations, such as fracturing, chipping of the seal, and breaking of removable or fixed dentures. Wearing teeth will reduce the size of the lower layer of the face, making the patient look older.

Due to the constriction of the jaw muscles during grinding, the patient may experience fatigue, muscle aches, headache, and neck pain. Overactive muscles can become enlarged, cause the face to be disproportionately or square (due to hypertrophy of the biting muscles on both sides), temporal-jaw joint disorder. Common first signs of discomfort or pain are joint discomfort or pain, difficulty opening, a squishing noise when opening or chewing. However, the effects of bruxism on the muscles and temporal-jaw joints are often not easily detected by the patient.


The anti-grinding trough is a dental tool that is used in sleeping cases of the patient with bruxism, and helps to protect the teeth from wear, cracking, fracture, shakiness or sensitivity. Each chewing trough is individually designed according to the patient’s oral measurements, tightening the teeth, no gaps, very thin and light to help patients not feel inconvenient when sleeping, the chewing trough can be removed and installed. easy and convenient access.

Materials used:

– Durasoft resin (semi-rigid, semi-soft)

– Biocyl resin (hard type)


– Rebalance the chewing system, prevent bite misalignment.

– Protect your teeth from grinding your teeth.

– Balance oral muscles and ensure aesthetic value.

– Light, transparent, colorless design, helping the patient feel comfortable and comfortable to use

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