First of all, learn about snoring tools, please learn about the causes of snoring and sleep apnea:

When we sleep, the muscle groups are relaxed, including the tongue and throat muscles. The soft tissues (or meat) in the back of the throat can narrow the airways. Then the breathing air causes the tissues behind the upper respiratory tract (soft palate), the skin flap of the reed and the throat to vibrate, creating a cry – I call it Snoring.

– Loud snoring can be a sign of serious illness. – Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This occurs when the airways are completely blocked and apnea. Then the brain will detect the lack of oxygen and quickly awaken temporarily so the patient can breathe.

The OSA condition can repeat hundreds of times per night, and the patient will wake up unconsciously and remember nothing afterward. In fact, if the sick person lives alone or sleeps separately they will not realize their problem, even after many years.

DETEC Dental Joint Stock Company would like to introduce two tools to prevent snoring & sleep apnea: the anti-snoring function DASD and SISI


To treat Snoring and OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), patients need to wear the DASD jaw during sleep to maintain upper airway openness by increasing upper respiratory tract size and decreasing contraction.

The DASD is a personalized dental instrument, including the upper jaw trough with a push bolt that adjusts the lower jaw forward and the lower jaw with a fishtail to position the lower jaw. compared to the above function.

Made from PETG thermosetting dental material with soft inner layer, hard outer layer and Acrylic resin to help maintain better and more comfortable when wearing jaw. Jaws can be worn even when the patient has dentures.

Characteristics of the DASD function

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Easy to bring when traveling or business trip.

– The product is very comfortable, compact when worn on patient’s mouth.

– Can open his mouth normally

– Can pronounce and drink water when wearing

– Safe and effective

– Has been proven clinically effective

– Personal product

– Can keep lips tight

– Easy to disassemble and adjust



SISI jaw consists of 2 dental troughs (soft inner, hard outer) mounted on the upper and lower jaw. In which, the trough installed in the lower jaw can be moved forward thanks to 2 connecting pins and hook. Due to its structural properties, SISI will restrict the airways.

The rate of inhalation is reduced and sounds are produced due to soft tissue vibrations. The SISI function is portable, but doesn’t pull the lower jaw inward. This function makes the SISI both comfortable and anti-snoring. Clinical studies (published below) have shown that lower jaw forward movement reduces snoring in over 80% of patients and OSA reduction in over 50% of patients.

When to use SISI?

SISI is very effective in treating all sleep emanating snoring caused by obstruction of the airways. Based on a sturdy design, this dental device will not restrict air breath through the mouth. However, for those who are too fat, it is impossible to confirm with certainty the effectiveness in treatment, the effectiveness will decrease when the body weight index (BMI) is greater than 30. Patients who have no teeth. SISI is allowed and for patients wearing a partial prosthesis only when the denture is firmly attached to the patient’s mouth is it allowed to use SISI. Whether the denture has enough grip or not is not assessed by a dentist.

If sleep apnea is suspected, the effectiveness of SISI is assessed during sleep, considering the severity of the disease.

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