Kiukit & Tintit Orthodontic jaw is an orthodontic product designed for children and teenagers with many funny designs and colors, helping children confidently express their personality during treatment to have beautiful teeth. .

Materials used:

Kiukit & Tintit jaw plastic pads are selected in accordance with the required force at each tooth adjustment stage. This plastic can be different hard, soft, thick, thin.


Just like the transparent orthodontic jaw, the Kiukit & Tintit orthodontic is an orthodontic method that uses a transparent computer designed tray based on advanced 3D technology. The intelligent design software measures the crowns of the crowns, including crowns and ingrown teeth, and then designs a series of jaws based on the algorithm’s moving algorithm with micrometre precision. Children will bring each set of trays, each tray for about two weeks. Teeth will be moved gradually millimeters over the weeks until the desired results are achieved.


– The jaw is transparent, easily removable for orthodontic without the need for wire and metal braces, giving babies a feeling of comfort and confidence like there is no orthodontic device in the mouth.

– Convenient eating and oral hygiene, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis during orthodontic treatment.

– Creative jaw design helps babies confidently express personality to friends.

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