Aso Aligner is the leading Japanese company in the field of orthodontics, especially the orthodontic tray – AsoAligner is the best rated in the Japanese market in terms of therapeutic efficacy as well as aesthetic factors.

From November 2020, Aso Aligner officially signed a cooperation contract with Detec Dental Lab to develop products produced by Aso Aligner in the Vietnamese market, aiming to export to other markets such as the US, Europe.

Orthodontic products with AsoAligner Tray are used in cases where patient’s teeth are crooked, rotated teeth, teeth crowded, teeth sparse, teeth erupted in the wrong position …. or other cases where the teeth need correction.

Jaw patterns showing teeth movements are designed on a computer using specialized software, by Japanese experts based on images, jaw samples, Panorama, Cephalos or ConeBeam CT X-ray film. Jaw samples are then printed with a specialized 3D printer, and the wearable trays are pressed with a plastic tray for orthodontic use. Therefore, during the treatment process, the trough can help move the entire root through the jawbone to align the teeth back to the ideal position.


– Can be easily disassembled when eating or cleaning teeth.

– Do not worry about scratching lips, cheeks, tongue, not damaging the enamel surface.

– Highly effective treatment

– Optimal aesthetics

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