Porcelain Fused Metal restorations are widely used in dentistry because of its advantages in terms of aesthetics, rigidity and bearing capacity. Noritake porcelain coating makes the natural color of real teeth, compatible with both adjacent and opposite teeth, so it is suitable for both incisors and molars.

In particular, Titanium and Crom Cobalt are  metal lighter than Niken Crom metal 2 times harder than aluminum, so when using Titanium and Crom Cobalt as the ribs, the porcelain teeth become lighter, harder, so it is very suitable for spherical restorations , long bridge restoration. High melting point, so it has good heat resistance.


With the metal inner frame, the porcelain coated steel teeth have a solid structure, high durability, and suitable for patients with strong chewing force. Especially suitable for long, multi-unit bridges.


• Single crowns, or bridges, are 3 to 14 units long

• Inlay / Onlay

* Restorations on Implant

Production time from 02- 03 days – Warranty 05 years

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