Being one of the first Vietnamese dental laboratories, our DETEC Company approached, invested and applied different modern dental technologies such as In- Ceram, E- max, Cercon, Procera (CAD/CAM) etc. into manufacturing and developing dental products. In Jan of 2011, our company DETEC succeeded in registering exclusive distribution in South-East Asia about porcelain paste aesthetic ultrathin services named Ultraneers (Ultrathin Veneers). This service helps to restore beautiful white teeth for dental patients infected Tetracycline.

DETEC is proud of being a Vietnamese dental laboratory where equips full of modern denture technologies, machinery, good quality materials with highly accuracy and high aesthetics, durability, ensuring safety for patients.

Under the technical skills training by foreign experts as well as the supports from the dental technology and advanced machines, our technicians work at DETEC laboratory ensures the best quality of dentures and meet shorten treatment time for both dentists and patients.


The “functional scanner” - precise, quick and with Splitex® integration The Ceramill Map400 stands for a high degree of operating comfort and high-resolution scan data, which are created using strip light projection. Highly sensitive 3D sensors provide a precise image of the model. A particularly large measuring field enables quick, efficient scanning of dental stone models using only 2 axes, which ...

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Procera - Roland

New CAD/CAM technology with the solution open CAM Sum3D Dental multipurpose is very easy to use, high accuracy and short time. The system uses routers DWX-50 dental milling system is the most advanced of Roland, is designed exclusively for the production of apparel in dentistry, easy to use with the ability to complete the five-axis milling machine with automatic replacement ...

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Cerec CAD/CAM – Sirona

The Cerec CAD/CAM all ceramic is one of the newest generation of mission-wide and most modern in the world. The whole process of designing (CAD-Computer Aided Design) and manufacturing (CAM-Computer Aided Manufacture) are made completely automatically under the support of the computer. The computer will automatically adjust the bite, the standard touch points for the prosthodontics to ensure maximum functionality ...

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Cercon System

The process of production starts from Cercon Eye scanner. Scan and collect the optical pictures using a lazer beam and two matric cameras, providing the exact scanning results. The data from the above systems will be in interaction with 3D software (CAD) of Cercon art computer system.   Then, Cercon Brain will receive information from Cercon Art and run cutting and milling ...

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