Terms of warranty

When a product need warranty service, customers please send us the warranty card (including relative receipts to patients and clinics), attached the spesimin and damaged product.

DETEC commits a warranty for customers with the following provisions:

- During use, if products broken, cracked, deformed after permanent restorations for patients excluding few cases that are listed below.

- The warranty card is valid and products are within warranty.

DETEC disclaims warranty products in the following cases:

- Restoration is cracked or broken by the dentist drop, collisions during mounting on patient’s mouth.

- Restoration is peeled, or slipped off by attaching incorrect specifications or not stick enough on teeth, patients have to remove the prosthesis due to soreness.

- Restoration is cracked or broken in the case of patients be fallen or do not follow dentist’s instructions such as biting hard objects, or arbitrarily removing the prosthesis.

- The warranty card is not valid (not enough 02 receipts; be NOT provided by DETEC; the warranty card is rumpled, crushed, torned that DETEC can not ascertain neccessary information on the card)

- Product warranty has expired.



Order & Shipping

- Step 1 : Please fill the RX form, and send the cases by email.

- Step 2: DETEC will send back a confirmation, announce the delivery time to your company. Concurrently, DETEC will send a payment document as well.

- Step 3: After completion, DETEC will delivery the products by International Courier Services ( DHL, EMS etc) and send an email to announce for your company.

Our customer service team is always available to assist your company with pick-up and delivery, case scheduling, laboratory fees, and general questions regarding our services. Please call or email us any requestion which is not satisfied within these web pages.