Removable Restoration

Acrylic Resin base

Using in the case of losing few teeth, partially or totally. Its benefit primarily restores capacity of chewing for elder people, but low aesthetics. Partial dentures: Including: dentures, hard denture base, and metal clasp. Full dentures: Including: dentures and hard denture base.  Pros: Fast and easy ...

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Biosoft base

Using in the case of losing few teeth or totally, restore both capacity of chewing and aesthetics of smile. The biosoft base is used by elastic hand-clasp instead of using false teeth mounted on plastic Biosoft base without metal claspes. Used ...

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Metal Framework

The main materials are metal or Titan. Its designs include claspes and is placed on tooth’s abutment to restore the capacity of chewing and speaking better than normal biosoft base. Indication: Using in the case of loosing few teeth, but other teeth ...

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