Including the normal orthodontics, complex orthodontics, and other orthodontics.

Use in the following cases

- Genetic issues including: sparse teeth, crowded teeth, lack or superfluous teeth, deep bite, open bite or cross bite, and the other defects of the jaw.

- The defects are usually caused by accidents, sucking fingers, dummies, or difficulty breathing through the nose due to tonsillitis, or related diseases of teeth.

Orthodontic is a speacial treatment in dentistry that creates thrust and drag to adjust the teeth neatly back to the correct position and the right bite. Through the skillful hands of the technicians, patients can choose the color preferences and design functions to match the needs and preferences of the individual.

Orthodontics brackets

This treatment is one of methods helping to improve the aestheticism for patients who are coral tooth, tooth toothless, or teeth distortions etc. bring benefits for oral health, improve smile and adjust the jowl growth to correct patients’ bite (especially ...

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Invisible Aligner (Orthodontic Free)

Indicates: Using in the case regarding to tooth issues such as sparse teeth, crowded teeth, oblique teeth, crooked teeth, protrusion, overbite, open bite etc. Invisible align is a series tray of transparent plastic, aesthetic, consistent with health standards, non-toxic, is produced according ...

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Indirect bonding

The practice of indirect bonding starts with creating a mold of patient’s teeth. This process only takes a few minutes and provides us with an exact replica of the mouth. From there, we get to work in our lab, where ...

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