We reach production sales of VND 500 billion in 2020, ranking no.1 in Vietnam

and export turnover at 50/50.

We enroll 300 students in the first year and target 30,000 students after 10 years, of which from 30% to 70% are students with disabilities and difficulties.


DETEC is a leading manufacturer and exporter of artificial teeth and dentures in Vietnam vision 2020.

By 2022, DETEC is an Asia’s leading Dental Technology College and the first College owning a curriculum on artificial teeth invention applied in the world.


The College encourages admission of students with disabilities and difficulties.


We are focused on delivering health and beauty to community.


We bring smile to all around the world

Core Value:


We have 20 years’ experience in Lab Technology

We have nearly 10 years’ experience in clinic

We have a solid background on technique.

Excellence and quality

We always provide our customers with an excellent product or service,

one of quality to be proud of, that meets and exceeds their expectations.

People Development

We recognize and support the desire and ability of individuals to grow and improve

We have professional administration and personnel management skills and experience.

Loyalty and commitment

Individuals, departments, the whole company, we are all

and we expect to be held accountable for our performance and results.

We have a strong, integrated and committed working team.