In 1998 DETEC Dental Corporation was formerly known as Vude Dental laboratory. By the efforts incessantly, the brand name Vude Dental laboratory has affirmed its strength and became a member of the American Dental Association and achieved FDA certification. With 18 years of experience in research, development and good materials application, as well as the new advanced dental technology in dental products, DETEC is proud to be one of the top units provide  prosthodontics products and quality services for the dental sector in Vietnam today.

 Additionally, thanks to a DETEC skilled technician team whose have seniority and professional level about denture over 20 years of experience in the country and abroad, all products produced by DETEC reviews are high quality and credibility, the international standard of quality management ISO 9001-2000, not be appreciated in the country but also can meet the rigorous standards of the most demanding markets around the world such as the USA, Canada and Europe. In recent years, DETEC co-operated with Japan to expand the exporting market as well.

 The training and retraining for the entire DETEC technical team members are always the first important terms, trained by leading dental experts who have comprehensive knowledge in the dentures industry.

 DETEC confidently commits to maximize customer satisfaction about the quality of services as high technical products with a passion to reach the perfection in every detail of products.



Development Path


With the experience and traditions of the family in the field of dentures, Mr. Vu De founded the Dental Center (Labo Vude) with an area of 50 square meters and included 08 technicians dedicating to this career. 


The new factory of DETEC was built with an area of 500 squares meters, and increased the number of skilled technicians to 80 people. At the same time, DETEC also established a new branch in the city of Hue with 20 people, expanding the product offering dentures at the central market of Vietnam.


The Vude Dental laboratory changed business model from Ltd Company to DETEC Dental Joint Stock Company, and became one of dental laboratoral pioneers in offering licensed production of Procera, while achieved ISO 9001- 2000. 

2009 to Present

The company continued to establish a vocational dental training school Detec, offering courses with international standard curriculum for the students, as well as raising the technical skills of DETEC workers for both markets in the domestic and foreign. In addition, DETEC has become a member of National Association of Dental Laboratories (USA), signed several contracts to export dentures to the United States and increase the number of technical staffs up to over 300 professional technicians.