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Comfident is high-end provisional splint which cover the whole jaw. It helps to hide imperfections of teeth and make perfect smile.

It has been created by thermoforming method, comes from Germany.

All materials have been imported from USA, compatible with human’s health and does not affect to real teeth structure.

Tooth colored plastic PETG with fibred glass structure make comfident look clear, glossy like real teeth. It can’t absorb by color and smell.

Why using Comfident?

Comfident is a safety solution, convenient, and minimize costs for a perfect smile.

No pain, no drill, no grind and no affect to the real teeth structure.

Do not use substances that remain closed snugly hug mounted on the surface of teeth.

Spend less time and costs.

Easy to remove and insert as well without supporting from dentists.

Easy to replace by other prosthodontics at any time without any consequences.

Ultra lightweight, soft, bring comfortable feeling while using.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Comfident’s Introduce Video