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Anti snoring DASD & SISI

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Firstly, the causes of snoring and sleep apnea are expressed throughout:

- When we sleep, the mucles are relax including tongue and throat mucles. The soft tissue at the back of the throat can narrow the airway to breathe. When breathing, the air makes the tissues in the back of the upper respiratory tract (soft palate), skin flap in uvula and throat to vibrate, creating noise – snoring sound.

- Snoring can be a sign to the dangerous disease – obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) which makes the snorer stop breathing for several seconds to up to two minutes. This condition occurs when the breathing is completely obstructed and apnea. Then the brain will detect the lack of oxygen and quickly arouse temporary to help patient breathe.

- The status of OSA may repeat hundreds of times each night, the patients will wake up unconscious and does not remember anything after that. In fact, if the patient lives alone or sleep separately, they will not recognize their problem, even after many years. It leads to this disease getting worse.

DETEC Dental JSC respectfully introduces two instruments to anti snoring and sleep apnea DASD & SISI:


For the treatment of snoring and OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), the patient should wear the DASD instrument during sleeping in order to maintain opening the upper respiratory tract, as well as minimize shrinkage folded.

DASD is a customized dental instrument for each patient, including the maxillary trough have mounted screws to adjust the translational push the lower jaw forward and the mandibular trough is equipped the winged fish tail to locate the position of the mandible compared to the upper jaw.

Besides, this instrument is made from a dental materials PETG that have soft layers inside, hard layers outside, and Acylic resin helps to maintain better and much comfortable while wearing it. This instrument can be worn even the patients do the crown prosthodontics.

DASD Features:

- Suitable size to keep in hand, easy to carry when travelling or on business

- Comfortable and compact when worn on the patient’s mouth

- Patients can open mouth as normal, can pronounce and drink water when wearing

- Safe and effective

- Proven clinical efficacy

- Can shut lips tightly

- Easy to remove and adjust

- Warranted when products are broken

2. SISI:

SISI consists of two dental trough (soft inside, hard outside) mounted onto the maxilla and mandible. The trough mounted in the lower jaw may move forward thanks to the 2 pegs and shackles. Due to the structural characteristics, SISI will restrict the narrow respiratory tract.

The velocity of breathing is reducing and emit a sound from the vibration of soft tissues. SISI can move but do not pull in the mandible. This function makes SISI comfortable as well as against snoring. Most clinical studies ( published below) have shown that the translation towards the lower jaw can minimize the snoring upper 80% of patients and minimize OSA over 50% of patients

When to use SISI?

SISI is an effective treatment that can treat all cases of sleep with snoring by respiratory obstruction. Based on the durable design, this dental instrument will not restrict breathing air through the mouth. However, for fat people, there are no evidence to ensure the effectiveness of this treatment, but the effective result will be decreased when the index of body weight (BMI) larger than 30. People who have no longer teeth are not allowed to use SISI but patients who are wearing the partial denture jaw and glue on mouth, are allowed to use SISI. Hence, it depends on dentist’s reviews.

If doubt about obstructive sleep apnea, the SISI’s effectiveness is evaluated when sleeping to aware the severity of the disease.